The Future Farm Burger Takes America in 2021

There is a new meat alternative that is taking the world by storm, and it has it’s sights set on America. This is Brazil’s Future Burger, which has slowly begun expanding into overseas markets since dominating in it’s home country. The Future Burger was introduced by Future Farm in 2019. Future Farm created it’s plant-based meat alternative with one singular goal: to become the future of protein across the world. In the wake of massive success in Brazil, the United Kingdom, and more, the Future Farm Burger is now being introduced to the United States. Here’s what Americans need to know about this remarkable new meat alternative from Brazil. 

Future Farm and the Future Burger: The Future of Protein

One may wonder what innovation Future Burger can bring to the table in a market that already features a few meat alternatives. Thankfully, Future Farm is aware of the competition in the states and isn’t afraid. As the first plant-based meat startup in Brazil, Future Farm had a uniquely tough task ahead of them with their goal of overtaking the meat industry there. In order to fool the uniquely carnivorous Brazilians into enjoying a plant-based meat alternative, they knew that they were going to have to come closer than currently thought possible to the real thing. From there, Future Farm went about crafting a plant-based burger that bleeds… beet juice.

The Meatiest Meat Alternative There Is

Future Farm truly does look to the future when it comes to both food science and environmental stability. In crafting the Future Burger, they took a microscopic lens to the traditional hamburger. On a microscopic level, they deduced the specific ratio of constituents that meat lovers crave from their burgers. With nine simple non-GMO ingredients, they cobbled together the perfect mirror of these microscopic constituents using nothing but plants. From this novel series of innovations, the Future Burger was born. More than any other meat alternative on the market, the Future Burger tastes, looks, feels, and smells just like a traditional hamburger. The only difference is that it’s better for you, for the cows, and for the environment.

Expanding Into the Global Market

Brazil is certainly a country that knows its meat, with its small population ranking as the third-most meat-eating on the planet, behind China and the United States. This overabundance of meat consumption made companies hesitant to introduce plant-based alternatives previously, but it’s also one of the reasons that Future Farm felt so passionately about overtaking meat’s status as Brazil’s go-to protein. You see, the factory farms that produce meat products have a massive carbon footprint. The production of hamburger is currently one of the biggest detriments to the Brazilian rainforest there is. The rainforest is routinely destroyed to make way for the ridiculous amount of soy crops needed to feed the cattle being bred for slaughter around the world. By becoming the farm of the future, Future Farm aims to save Brazil, and then the planet. 

70% of Brazilians Can’t Be Wrong

Convincing the 70% of Brazilians that regularly eat meat to give up their favorite past-time might seem like an impossible feat. However, the passion of Future Farm has persevered with plenty of progress to show. With its unique “bleeding” burger that can mimic the taste and texture of the real thing, Brazilians are losing their reasons for turning to real meat. By a previous estimate, it has been reckoned that Future Farm has sold over 9 million Future Burgers in Brazil alone since 2019, with the Future Burger range of products currently accounting for 23% of Pão de Açucar’s overall burger sales. Given that Pão de Açucar is one of the biggest retailers in the country, this has been seen as an incredible victory.

The Future Farm Burger Takes America in 2021

In 2021, Future Farm is looking to double the number of countries that the Future Burger is available in. It was introduced successfully in the United Arab Emirates, where it quickly overtook Beyond Meat at the popular supermarket Carrefour. With subsequent successful launches in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Holland, the Future Burger will soon start flying off of the shelves in America. After that comes Asia, then the world!