Switching from Meat to Vegan? Here’s a List of the Best Meat Substitutes!

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The extensive article covered a variety of some of the most high-quality and in demand meat substitutes currently on the market. Future Farm was thrilled to see that the author of the article made a special shout out to Future Farm included at the end after listing their favorite plant-based protein options.

The Growing Popularity of Meat Substitutes

As many consumers already know, plant-based meats are quickly becoming a popular staple at the grocery store. Vegans and vegetarians as well as people that want to be healthier or more conscious of their diet and reduce meat consumption (“Meatless Mondays”, anyone?) are finding that there are many healthy and tasty meat alternatives on the shelves and available online. They’re trying them out and loving them!

These meat substitutes are also delicious and versatile as well, having the ability to be incorporated into so many recipes or stand alone on their own with a little dressing or prepared carefully with some flavor and seasoning added. It offers consumers the opportunity to consume wholesome food that nourishes them but without animals being affected in the process.

Helping People Transition to Vegan or Vegetarian Diets

Meat substitutes can also be helpful when it comes to helping new vegans and vegetarians adjust to their new diet. Taking meat out of your diet suddenly can even cause you to have cravings for meat, which is totally understandable. Curb cravings, still get full, and feel like you’re having something similar to eat that is comparable to what you’re used to so you don’t feel that you’re missing out or are tempted to add meat back in your diet.

Meat Substitute Options Listed

Some great meat substitutes listed by the article include tofu, the soft substance made out of tofu curd that’s become a favorite on the health food scene. Packed with iron, calcium, protein and more, it’s also one of the most versatile substitutes as tofu largely takes on the flavor of what it is being cooked with or the sauces and ingredients that it is cooked along with.

Also featured is Tempeh, the traditionally Indonesian food high in amino acids, protein, B-6, and magnesium, as well as calcium, iron and fiber. Made from fermented soy bean patties, there are some great recipes online that feature this ingredient, such as marinated baked tempeh. There is also seitan, the protein dense wheat gluten product. This Japanese food is excellent, but not recommended for those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease.

Readers not only got to learn more about meat substitutes but also found out a little bit more about what they are, their nutritional benefits, and opened the door to the world of clean/vegan/vegetarian eating and made it seem easier than ever to stick to it. Check out the article yourself and see Future Farm being featured and read to learn about meat substitutes from the article yourself!

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