Here’s Everything To Know About Upcoming Plant-Based Burgers

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Eating healthy is important because it supports and nourishes our bodies but also helps the planet at the same time. Sippy Cup Mom recently gave Future Farm a shout out on their site while going over some of the top ways that people can strive to eat healthy and help not only their bodies thrive but Planet Earth to flourish too.

Plant-Based Burger On The Market

It’s no secret that the consumer markets opened up to organic product offerings big time, thanks in part to the large amount of money there was to be made there. What once was only found at granola stores that believed in pesticide free offerings is now available at popular stores such as Costco without much ado at all.

The latest craze on the market is hopefully more than just a fad and is here to stay. Just as organic was all the buzz, vegan and vegetarian diets are on the rise and consumer markets are seeing food and food products that reflect that. Take for instance the rise of the plant-based burger. It was barely getting a mention a few years ago (although ‘veggie burgers’ were the common go-to substitute for meat burgers), and now it’s been popularized by unlikely sources such as the fast-food chain Burger King and has since hit many grocery stores’ shelves available for purchase.

The Popularity of Plant-Based Burgers

Plant-based burgers are quickly becoming a popular front and center food of the vegan and vegetarian, plant-based lifestyle. They’re easy to make, they’re ecologically conscious in nature, and they taste great, making them easy to embrace. With unhealthy food choices leading to unhealthy results and an individual desire to make choices that are planet-friendly, many people are trying to go green in other parts of their lives, and that includes their plates.

Diets that are focused on plant based foods are continuing to become more mainstream and widely known. With so many options for processed foods with additives and preservatives or dubious sourcing origins, you want to be eating healthy and also be sure that your kids are eating cleanly, while still meeting all of their nutritional needs across the board. Too much sugar, flour, corn syrup, meat laden with hormones, hormone filled milk is definitely not good for any child’s system!

Same Taste, Same Texture

As Sippy Cup Mom states, many companies are “taking initiatives” to pursue plant based alternatives, helped along by innovative tech. These companies are attempting to appeal to the market with a plant based patty that looks and tastes similar to a beef one, making it a ‘green’ patty anyone can eat, regardless of their diet.

Meet Your Future Burger

This healthy alternative is available with Future Farm for customers to buy. Check out the site and see how you can eat in a healthy and eco-friendly way that makes you feel good knowing no harm comes to animals! Go to Future Farm and shop around to learn about how you can have a diet that is good for you and good for

the planet that you live on too!

6 Effective Ways To Go Vegan For A Healthier You

Future Farm is excited to be featured in online magazine News Anyway! The magazine recently mentioned us at Future Farm as having some of the most amazing recipes online for meat-substitute vegan recipes. It was part of an article going over changes in the diet people can make to help them go vegan. In it, they list six effective ways that one can go vegan so that they are healthier overall.


Switching from Meat to Vegan? Here’s a List of the Best Meat Substitutes!

The extensive article covered a variety of some of the most high-quality and in demand meat substitutes currently on the market. We at Future Farm were thrilled to see that the author of the article made a special shout out to our company after listing their favorite plant-based protein options.