Future Farm – Questions & Answers

What is the reasoning behind Future Farm entering the plant-based products market?

Future Farm was launched by its founders as a 100% plant-based meat company guided by the principles of innovation and transparency which are passed on to the consumer. Our company origins were not born out of the production of animal products, and we have no plans to diversify our portfolio. Over the course of the last year, Future Farm has heavily invested in research, searching for new technologies capable of presenting new product options to our customers. But, wanting people to exchange vegetables for plant-based meat has never been our goal, and products such as our plant-based burger were never intended to be a substitute. Instead, what we provide is an opportunity and the option for consumers to choose between two impacts; one caused by the production of animal products vs. the other caused by plant based products. We understand that people will continue to eat meat, but we want to be able to deliver the same flavor, texture and juiciness with much less harm to the environment, the planet and one’s health. 

What does Future Farm have to say about the questions surrounding plant-based meat?

The plant-based market is still very new in Brazil, and it’s common to come across a lot of competing and misguided opinions surrounding this movement. At Future Farm, we believe in developing new technologies capable of creating foods free from animal origins. Through our plant-based meat options that are similar in taste, texture and smell to that of meat, we want to prove how it’s truly possible to revolutionize the food industry without negatively impacting the environment. Most importantly, we want the consumer to understand that animal agriculture continues to expand, all while ignoring the associated problems of global warming, deforestation, and the effects on people’s lives. The fact remains that consuming meat generates an enormous negative impact on the planet. We want the world to become  increasingly aware of this fact and opt for changes in their diet. Consuming more healthy products, such as the plant-based burger developed by Future Farm, are for these people. They want to have a more conscious life, without giving up what they like to eat. 

Does eating a plant-based diet mean being healthier? 

The short answer is yes! It means combining vegetables and other natural ingredients, then aligning it with a lot of research and technology. The end result, in the case of our plant-based burger for example, delivers the same attributes as an animal meat burger, but with much less environmental impact and more healthiness. 

Is the Future Farm’s plant-based burger a processed or ultra-processed product? 

First, we need to understand that any foods not taken directly from nature itself and consumed as-is are not natural. They’re considered to be processed because they go through industrialized processes, and this includes Future Farm’s plant-based meat products. Ultra-processed foods, on the other hand, are foods that combine a series of ingredients with added sugar and/or fat. Future Farm products are not considered to be ultra-processed because synthetic or chemical additives are never used in their formulation. All ingredients are from all-natural origins, allowing us to maintain the nutritional baggage of the ingredients. 

What is the Future Burger made of?

Future Farm’s plant-based burger utilizes pea protein, soy protein isolate, chickpea protein isolate, and beets to mimic the color and blood of meat. It’s entirely gluten and GMO-free. Recently introduced, version 2.0 is even more similar to real meat but with reduced sugar, and it’s lower in sodium, fat, and calories.