We’re not packing humanity onto a rocket and abandoning ship. It’s time to stop trashing the Earth like a rockstar on a bender does in a hotel room and start cleaning up the mess we’ve made. That means inviting the world to try something different by eating something new.


This Company Wants to Make Vegan Meat Cheaper Than Animal Products

Brazilian vegan food tech company Future Farm is setting its sights on the United States market this summer, partnering with Superior Foods International to begin distributing its Future Burger to US retailers and consumers.


Brazil’s Future Farm launches its US expansion with the mission to democratize plant-based meat

The South American brand has spread to 23 countries since 2019, but plans to draw up to 65% of its sales from this market within a couple years.


Brazilian alt-meat maker expands into US market

Future Farm, a Brazil-based meat alternative maker, is entering the US market. Alexandre Ruberti, a 25-year industry veteran who previously led Red Bull North America, has been named chief executive officer of Future Farm’s US business.


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