How Plant-Based Meat Will Save Our Planet

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While climate change is a complex subject with many underlying causes, car emissions are a major cause. However, there is a bigger contributor – methane gas released into the atmosphere by the animal-meat industry.

Plant-based meat present a more humane alternative to animal meat and offers other benefits like reducing the effects of climate change. This is precisely why Future Farm passionately believes plant-based meat is the future.

The Global Meat Industry and Global Warming

Many may be led to believe greenhouse gases are no longer a major issue due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. However, they are still on the rise despite the global travel restrictions experienced over the past year.

It is worth noting that carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by the aviation and automotive industry (planes and cars) doesn’t have a bigger impact on global warming than methane gas released by the livestock industry. In fact, methane emissions by the livestock industry are approximately 34 times more concentrated than carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles. (1)

The Meat Industry is Growing Rapidly

Many people view plant-based diets as a good thing for animal welfare. However, there is more to vegan diets than that. While the cruelty involved in meat production is unprecedented, it isn’t comparable to the actual negative consequences of factory farming. The global meat industry is enormous with significant effects. Meat consumption continues to rise as the global population increases. A rising global population means increased demand for animal meat which subsequently means more factory farms are being set up every day.

Meat Production and Consumption Isn’t Sustainable

While there’s no doubt that people need to eat, meat consumption isn’t the most sustainable means of feeding the world. Over 50% of agricultural land in the world is now dedicated to beef production (2) despite beef being just 25% of the meat consumed globally. What’s more, beef contributes just 2% of the calories consumed globally. In simple terms, the world’s appetite for beef is way past the ability to produce it sustainably. This is a clear sign that the world needs a new alternative.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Released by The Meat Industry

Reducing the consumption of animal-based meat goes beyond land management. In 2020 alone, 7.1-gigatons of greenhouse gases were released by the dairy and meat industries alone (1). This translates to approximately 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. This is a shocking statistic considering the emissions will keep rising over time as the global population and demand for animal meat increases.

However, we’ve realised that there are better readily available alternatives capable of reducing greenhouse emissions significantly while still offering enough food and nutrition to sustain everyone globally.

The Impact of Climate Change on Plants

Greenhouse gases are warming the planet. As the world becomes hotter, it’s becoming harder for plants to grow. If we don’t act immediately, it may be too late. Climate change can destroy our food, ourselves and the entire planet.

Plant-based meat is a great alternative to traditional meat. Besides tasting as good as animal-based meat, it is also a great source of protein. Plant-based meat by Future Farm is a great alternative for the passionate eco friendly activist as well as people looking to enjoy tasty, guilt-free food.

The Future Is Future Farm

Future Farm was established in Brazil, a country with passionate animal-meat eaters. The company was passionate about providing meat alternatives that would fool the most seasoned animal-meat eaters.

We have an unwavering mission to help the world transition into a plant-based diet which is not only sustainable but healthy and humane.