We mix all-natural protein in the ingredients. We also add natural plant flavours and combine them all together. We don’t use GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or any artificial or synthetic ingredients.
No. However, our plant-based foods are made on an industrial scale. But this shouldn’t be mistaken to mean our plant-based meat is processed or of poor quality when compared to meat from animals. Also, while plant-based foods are healthier, they shouldn’t replace a balanced diet.
Yes! We use packaging that can be recycled. Our packaging also makes it easier to separate waste and take it to the recycling bank. However, we are testing alternative packaging and plan to transition from plastic packaging in the future.


Future Farm’s meat is made up of three grains that are the main sources of vegetable protein. The grains are soybeans, peas, and chickpeas. When combined, they offer the same amount of protein offered by animal meat. They contain all essential amino acids. In simple terms, it’s just like typical meat in nutritional composition though the meat doesn’t come from animals. What’s more, it’s humane, doesn’t contain cholesterol, and doesn’t impact the environment negatively like animal meat.
No. Future Farm’s plant-based foods have no added calcium.
Well, that’s our little secret! Anyway, we combine different all-natural ingredients to imitate taste and smell. Future Farm uses flavours extracted from plants only!
We combine natural flavours to recreate the taste and smell of animal meat. We don’t use anything of animal origin!
We use a unique combination of plants (a vegetable protein salad) made up of peas, soybeans, beetroot and chickpeas.
No. Made from coconut fat you see?
We wouldn’t be able to say it was “of the future” if it was just another soy product, right? Let’s just say the recipe includes soybeans. However, we use GM-free soybeans only cultivated in Brazil. To add the same texture, succulence, and taste as animal-based meat, we use other ingredients like chickpeas, peas, and beetroot.
No, they aren’t organic. However, they are certified as GMO-free.
Yes. Plant-based is always healthy. However, you must maintain a balanced diet that supplies all essential nutrients.
No. Processing doesn’t translate to more sodium. Sodium may be higher because of the isolated vegetable protein and salt that is used to imitate the taste of animal meat.
The term “modified” refers to the heat treatment the ingredient/s go through during the manufacturing process. Remember, we use GMO-free ingredients only.
It is a perfect mix of vegetable protein (soybeans, peas, and chickpeas). For colour, we add some coconut fat.
We don’t use fungi (mushrooms) as an ingredient or in any of our processes.
Our suppliers have farms all over Brazil.
No! Our products don’t contain any preservatives. We keep our products fresh by quick freezing and using a special wrapping system.
Soy is the main ingredient in our plant-based meat. It contains the same amino acids as animal meat. We also match up the protein. However, we do it without cholesterol, gluten, or animal products.


The mission is changing the way people eat meat. After all, many people stop eating meat because they love animals and the planet, not because they don’t like the taste of meat. So, why not offer an alternative that has the same taste, texture, and succulence as meat without containing anything from animals?
Many people stop eating animal meat for ethical reasons, empathy, or because they want a better world. It’s not because they don’t like eating meat. So, Future Farm tries very hard to make plant products that have the same succulence, texture, and taste as meat.
Making plant-based meat requires 75% to 99% less water than making animal-based meat.
It is true that lab-grown meat exists. However, ours isn’t lab-made. Documentaries about growing meat in the lab are usually talking about cell-based meat (meat derived from animal cells). At Future Farm, our meat is plant-based with zero animals involved.
No. Our products are 100% plant-based.
Future Farm is a start-up with ZERO links to any other companies. We don’t use animals to test ingredients and we have non-testing certificates from all our suppliers.
No. As mentioned above, Future Farm has no links to other companies. We are a new company that was established to produce plant-based meat products.
No. Our goal is to make plant-based meats accessible to everyone! We want to be everywhere around the world in supermarkets, snack bars, and restaurants, even those that specialise in meat. We start from the assumption that every portion of plant-based meat eaten means a portion of animal meat that was not eaten. That’s good for people, the planet, and animals.
Our ingredients and final products aren’t tested on animals.
Future Farm makes food, and there is no need or legal requirement to carry out any sort of tests on animals or otherwise, for any purpose.
Future Farm is a limited company created from a start-up and has no links to any other companies.
No. We don’t sell our products in China or any other countries that require testing. We work with natural foods that don’t require testing.