How Plant-Based Meat Can Save Our Planet

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Climate change is an incredibly complicated issue, and some may not realize that the greatest contributor to climate change isn’t emissions from cars. In fact, an even bigger contributor to climate change is the high level of methane gas emitted into the atmosphere as a result of meat consumption.

For this reason, plant-based meats are not only a more humane alternative to meat from factory farms, but can also greatly reduce the impact of climate change. That is why we at Future Farm believe that plant-based meat is the meat of the future.

The Meat Industry Is One of Global Warming’s Biggest Contributors

Some people might imagine that greenhouse gasses have been less of an issue as a result of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, dangerous greenhouse gasses have still been on the rise since limitations have been put on travel. The reason for this is that the carbon dioxide emitted by cars and planes isn’t truly that big of a contributor to global warming. Methane gasses from the livestock industry can be up to 34 times more potent than the carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles, making them one of global warming’s biggest contributors1.

The Meat Industry Continues to Grow

To many people, eating a vegan diet is simply an issue of animal welfare. While it is true that the treatment of animals in factory farms is a large moralistic issue that society needs to face, it doesn’t quite scratch the surface of the true negative consequences resulting from factory farming. The meat industry is much larger than the average person realizes. Due to the rapidly increasing population, meat consumption is also increasing. As the demand for meat grows, the demand for factory farms grows.

Meat Consumption Isn’t Sustainable

Although it’s understandable that the population needs to be fed, meat consumption is simply not a sustainable means of doing so. Over half of the world’s agricultural land is dedicated to the production of beef2. This is despite beef only making up around a quarter of total meat consumption, and only around 2% of total calorie consumption around the world. It appears that the world’s appetite for meat has grown past their ability to sustainably farm it, meaning that there needs to be a new alternative.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Meat Industry

The need for reduced meat consumption certainly isn’t just an issue of land management. In 2020, 7.1 gigatons of greenhouse gasses were emitted by the meat and dairy industries alone1. To put that number into perspective, that’s around 15% of all total greenhouse gas emissions. While 15% might not seem like that ridiculous of a number, remember that that number is going to keep increasing over time. As well, as we’ve already established, there is a readily available alternative to the traditional meat industry that could cut down on greenhouse emissions drastically while still providing just as much food and sustenance to hungry families around the world.

How Climate Change Affects Plant Life

As greenhouse gasses continue to be emitted, the world continues to grow hotter and hotter. As this happens, plants become harder and harder to grow in the sweltering climates. If we don’t act before it’s too late, we might end up destroying the very thing that could save us! Plant-based diets are the future, and plant-based meats provide an incredible alternative to traditional meats for those who are skeptical about making the transition. As well, they provide an incredible tasty source of protein to those who are already vegan or vegetarian! Whether you’re a passionate eco-warrior or just looking to experience a new guilt-free taste sensation, the plant-based meat alternatives provided by Future Farm are the way of the future!

Future Farm Is the Farm of the Future!

Future Farm originated in Brazil, a country that’s very passionate about it’s meat consumption. Because of this, Future Farm came into the industry with a singular passion, and a singular drive to make a meat-alternative that could fool even the most adamant carnivore. Our hope is to eventually prove to the world that a vegan diet can be the way of the future. In turn, we might be able to find a more sustainable path for a struggling planet. When it comes to Earth vs. Mars, we choose Earth. We believe our extraordinary planet is worth fighting for. Let’s save our trips to Mars for vacation and keep planet Earth our home for the future.