6 Ways Vegetarianism Is Positively Impacting The Environment

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A healthy lifestyle is on the rise, and the online world is reflecting that. Naomi Kizhner recently released an article on her website delving into the positive benefits of eating vegetarian, and Future Farm was proudly mentioned!

The article is a good read, so check it out if you have time. It basically goes into the top six benefits that come along with vegetarianism and offers you more information about what eating a diet heavy in fruits and vegetables can do for your body. It may not only help people maintain a more fit figure, but also to reduce the amount of toxins that their body has to process.

Eating a vegetarian diet is becoming more popular these days and more people are trying it out than ever, and Future Farm is providing food to help people live the lifestyle they want to live and eat the way that they want to eat!

Naomi Kizhner’s site offers readers plenty of information when it comes to everything from diet and exercise to health, travel, business, lifestyle and entertainment. This article covers how eating vegetarian food can not only be beneficial for you but the environment too, as well as the main ways that the planet benefits from it. They are:

Less Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases have an impact on the planet, and eating meat is contributing. A UN report states that transportation does not rival the output of greenhouse gasses related to meat consumption. Reducing these types of emissions is as simple as eating vegetarian and taking those gases out of the equation.

Fresh Water Protection

Meat production involves the usage of fresh water. Meanwhile, some populations are projected to have reduced access to such valued fresh water in as little as a decade. Eating vegetarian translates to less fresh water used to produce meat from sources such as cattle for beef and more.

Reduced Water Pollution

Water pollution is an issue that the world needs to tackle now to keep its water safe. Water pollution is increasingly including large amounts of antibiotics, animal hormones, and waste hitting bodies of water. Cattle and animal industries also lead to oftentimes huge pollutants and chemical waste that can enter the water and become an issue.

Less Destruction of Wild Animals’ Habitats

Animals need somewhere to live, but wildlife loses out on having a home when their habitats are bulldozed for farming and land. Deforestation means that these animals don’t have anywhere to live. Vegetarian eating helps to combat this.

Reduced Eco-Footprint

Have a better ecological footprint by going vegetarian. Help to protect the environment instead of causing it harm and eat more veggies and fruit, as well as nuts and healthy fats instead of meat!

More Sustainable for the Environment

Eat broccoli, help the earth. Vegetarian diets are not as environmentally taxing as carnivorous or omnivorous ones can be, due to side effects from livestock maintenance and processing. Eating vegetarian means you are not contributing to the industry of raising meat and helps avoid contributing to any undesirable environmental effects related to that.

Final Thoughts

This is a great article about the positive impact that eating healthfully can have on the environment and the planet. We are excited to not only be featured on this great site but for Future Farm to be recognized as a company that is dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality, healthy foods and enjoyable plant based food that enriches their lives for the better.

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