6 Effective Ways To Go Vegan For A Healthier You

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Future Farm is excited to be featured in online magazine News Anyway! The magazine recently mentioned us at Future Farm as having some of the most amazing recipes online for meat-substitute vegan recipes. It was part of an article going over changes in the diet people can make to help them go vegan. In it, they list six effective ways that one can go vegan so that they are healthier overall.

Making the Change to Plant-Based Eating

The article acknowledges that the idea of switching your current diet over to one that is predominantly or entirely plant-based can be ‘intimidating’. However, they make sure to state that if you are cooking or preparing the majority of your meals at home, it is not that difficult to change over to a diet with more plants and to cut out dairy and meat if you have alternate ingredients on hand.

Using Mock Meat to Take the Place of Meat

News Anyway advises using ‘mock meat’ in place of beef or other meat products that you are used to consuming. Mock meat can come in sausage form, burger patty shape, and more. Tofu is another good replacement when it comes to meat as it can take on the flavor of what it’s being cooked with easily but also provides plenty of protein.

Milk Substitutes

When it comes to milk substitutes, what to do? There are a variety of great options out there on the market for you now. Use rice milk, coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk, or cashew milk. Almond and cashew milk may also be an option for you to make yourself at home for fresher and healthier options.

Butter Substitutes

Swapping out butter often can be difficult, but certain recipes may be able to allow you to compensate for that fat with peanut, almond, or cashew butter. Coconut oil also may be sufficient depending on the recipe. For cheese, vegan cheese products are a good substitute, as is nutritional yeast. Cashew cheese may also be a possibility at your local grocery store, farmer’s market,or co-op, by doing it yourself or by ordering online from stores.

Vegan Chocolate

What to do if you want to look for vegan chocolate? Dark chocolate is usually already vegan, and many brands are offering their own vegan chocolate options so that customers can enjoy delicious chocolate without sacrificing taste or their diet. Some chocolate syrups are also vegan, so you can use them guilt-free!

Pursuing Vegan Breakfast Options

Vegan breakfast options are also a good way to start your day. Eat smoothies, oats, peanut butter sandwiches, smoothies and more for a healthy way to start your day.

Final Word

See for yourselves how Future Farm helps the planet not only by being a plant-based meat company but by helping consumers eat a diet that works for them and is good not only for their body but for the Earth too! Also be sure to check out News Anyway’s feature article “6 Effective Ways to Go Vegan for a Healthier You” by going to their site and seeing our company mentioned!

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